Our Mission is to provide our customers with efficient and professional waste collection, recycling and waste disposal services in a cost effective manner.

Hellenic Tzilalis is providing Environmental Technology services including Cleaning and Waste Management Services. Hellenic Tzilalis as an expert contract cleaning provider implements revolutionary cleaning systems and methods and is fully geared in terms of equipment, tools and professional expertise which ensures Total Quality Control Management. Hellenic Tzilalis is the cleaning and waste management contractor for the two International Airports in Cyprus since 2006.

Hellenic Tzilalis is providing Waste Management Services through its subsidiary companies;

  • HTZMinas Recycling Corporation Ltd – whose main activity is the collection and transportation of domestic household waste and recyclables, as well as the sorting and trading of recyclable materials,
  • Enerco Energy recovery – which is involved in the trading and production of alternative fuels and materials obtained from the waste stream, and
  • Ecobalance Recycling Ltd –  which operates a sorting factory for recyclables such as Paper and PMD and is engaged in the trading of recyclable materials.

Other companies of Hellenic Tzilalis group are Safe Sac JV and H & H Ecotech JV which are engaged in the provision of weight and wrapping of luggage at the airports and supply and maintenance of waste equipment, respectively. Finally, newly incorporated company, T.I.S Integrated Services Ltd, will be engaged in the provision of facility management services.

Hellenic Tzilalis group, is constantly evolving and adapting to new givens through continuous upgrading. It employs more than 500 employees and adheres to strict Health and safety rules and procedures. Through its various achievements and delivery of total quality management and health and safety, it has achieved certifications such as ISO 9001 – 2015, OHSAS 18001 – 2017, ISO 14001 – 2015 and EMAS. Our company ensures proactive initiatives, provides integrated services, and focuses on the final outcome, with the implementation of KPI’s.

Hellenic Tzilalis Services are customer-focused and its Fundamental Goal is:

“The Delivery of Quality Services in an efficient and professional manner, through well-trained employees and management commitment, dedicated to Quality and Safety.”